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Just in case, please check if the answer to your question is already here (or on our Frequently Asked Questions page: FAQ)


I see "ip no!" when trying to create my advert

Please go to and send us the IP number that you see and the email address that you are using to place the advert with. We can then check the database for the reason that your email or IP address was blocked.


I see "ERR_BW666" when trying to create my advert

Please send the full text of the advert that you are trying to create in order for us to check it.  


Not received activation email

Please check your junk and/or spam folders for a message from

If you find your activation email anywhere else, other than in your inbox, then please immediately add to your address book and/or white list in order ensure that you receive future bids and emails from potential buyers!

If you still can not find it, please create your advert again making sure to add to your address book first and that there are no spaces before or after the email address when you type it!


I want to change the price (or anything else) on my advert

Please go to My Ads and log in to change the price (or pictures, description, etc). You will find your log in details in a second email that you received after you activated your advert. If you have lost it, you can retrieve it here: retrieve. If you want to change it after that, you can do that here: change


Can not log in to My Ads 

Please make sure you are using the password from the My Ads email you received after activating your advert (so not the activation email).

If you do not have it, go to My Ads, and click on "forgot my password?".

Please use copy/paste from this email to log in, making sure there are no spaces before or after the email address and the password.

If this still does not work, please send us your log in details (copied from the original My Ads email) so that we can try to duplicate the problem.


Problem uploading photos

Please make sure each picture is under 1Mb and jpeg or bmp format. Allow for each picture to upload, before proceeding to the next one.

If this still does not solve the problem, create the advert without a photo and try and upload it later via My Ads.


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