Frequently Asked Questions works like classified ads in a newspaper, but because it is online, there are several big advantages:


  1. Your ad will be viewable for four (4) months (and does not end up in the cat litter box ;-).
  2. Your ad can be as short or as long as you like, it will not cost you anything except the time you spend writing it.
  3. You can edit, review or delete your ad whenever you like by loging in to "My Ads".
  4. You can add pictures without additional charges (up to 3 pictures).
  5. You can create more exposure for your ad by upgrading it to a featured ad on the homepage.
  6. YOUR AD IS ON THE INTERNET. Imagine the exposure you create without even leaving your chair!!


How does work


If you want to sell something

  1. Click on the CREATE AD button (top of the page).
  2. Enter the category and subcategory for your advert and your email address. NOTE: if you are using for the first time, you will need to validate your email address first. You will be asked to fill in a Cyprus mobile number in order to do so. A code will then be sent to your mobile number and you fill it in online in the box provided on screen. This is a one time procedure needed in order to fight scammers. The next time you create an advert with the same email address, you will not have to do this step.
  3. Enter all the necessary fields either from pull down menu's where available or manually. Fields with a * are mandatory. Your email address will only be known to If you have some, upload pictures. It's a great selling-aid and draws attention.
  4. Tick the webaddress option if you have your own site you want to refer to for promoting the article, or the manufacturers website to save your customers the trouble of finding it themselves.
  5. Check the sample of your ad and enter the verification code at the bottom.
  6. IMPORTANT - You will now receive an email at your specified email address, with a request to confirm your ad. Click on the weblink provided in the email and your ad is visible for the public to see. If for some reason this procedure fails, the email contains instructions how to do it manually. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, check your spam or junk box. If still not there contact Advertisers placing an ad from outside Cyprus may have to wait longer before receiving the activation email. This is due to an extra content scanning procedure.
  7. After you activate your ad, you will receive another email with your "My Ads" password. Please save this message for later use. If you happen to misplace the email anyway, simply go to "My Ads" and click on "Forgot your password?". The password will be re-sent to the email address that you used to place your ad with.
  8. If you found the activation email in any other folder than your inbox, please add to your address book immediately to ensure that you do not miss emails from potential buyers!

Once the ad is placed wait and see what potential buyers offer you via the website, by email or by telephone (if number is provided by you). You can also see how many times your ad has been viewed! No 3rd party will be given your email without you knowing it. Via the website potential buyers can react via email, without your address being shown to them. Replying to the potential buyer can be done via the "reply"link in the email the potential buyer sent you. Agree on the method of payment and pick up or delivery between yourselves.

NOTE: Please do not put more than one advert for the same item. We consider it spamming and it's not nice for other users. We like to keep a clean site. If you want to be on the homepage or at the top of your category, please log in to "My Ads" and upgrade your advert(s) there. Thank you.


If you want to buy something


All you have to do is browse the site to find the object you are looking for, make the seller an offer (via our e-mail service or use the phone number if the seller has published one) and come to an agreement on price and delivery terms. The exchange of the good(s) and payment is arranged between the seller and buyer, we have nothing to do with this. We don't charge commission like some other sites.


My Ads


You can make changes to your ads at any time during the four months. Edit the price, upload new pictures, etc. Simply log in to "'My Ads" (top left). Your password will have been sent to you by email after ad activation. In case you lost the email with the password, there is always the "forgot your password?" option. You will find it when you click on "My Ads". We kindly request you to remove your ad by using "My Ads" if you have been able to sell it. This will ensure a high level of quality and people unnecessarily contacting you.

Special Features
You can upgrade your free advert by loging in to 'My Ads' and using any of our special features:




A Featured Advert will be displayed at the TOP of the HOMEPAGE of under the section "Featured Adverts".

All options are payable online via PayPal - accepting all credit cards:


7,50 Euro per week

14,- Euro for 2 weeks

25,- Euro for 1 month 

40,- Euro for 2 months 


Fifteen Featured Adverts rotate on the homepage per time in order to increase the number of views and clicks per advert.



A Promoted Advert highlights your advert in the CATEGORY it is listed in with a different colour so that it is immediately noticeable between all other adverts in the same category. This option costs 4.50 Euro per advert and lasts as long as the advert is online (also if you automatically renew it!). Payment via PayPal.


BumpingUP your advert means that your advert will move to the top of the ads listed in your CATEGORY. This option costs 3.99 Euro per advert per time. Payment via PayPal. 




Do you only want to see all ads with for example convertible cars in Nicosia? No problem. Just find the search bar at the top of the page and type in "convertible car" or any combination of types and makes you like. Choose your category and choose your Region (for example "Nicosia"). Then finally choose if you want to see only Consumer adverts or also adverts placed by Businesses. This will help you find what you're looking for quickly if you don't have the patience to look at all the ads in the particular category.


At category level there is also an extra filter function to sort by region, price and most recent, highest and lowest price and most popular.




Uploading pictures with your classified ad is free. You can upload up to three (3) pictures per ad. In order to keep the website running smoothly, each picture can not exceed 1024kb in size. Format must be jpg, gif or bmp. Adding a picture increases the number of views exponentially and thus you'll increase your chances on a quick sell enormously!


Groups and categories


When placing an ad on the website you will be asked in which category you would like it to be (i.e. cars). We strongly advise you to place your ad in the most sensible category in order to attract as many people to your ad as possible. For each ad you place you can select only one category and sub-category. To be in more than one category you will have to create a new ad.


To maintain a high standard of clarity and easy browsing for everyone, we reserve the right to re-locate your ad in another group or category if we feel this is necessary for above mentioned reasons. This benefits you as much as everyone else. We also reserve the right to change the number of list locations or the name of groups and categories to improve user-friendliness.


If you're missing a category...please e-mail us We highly appreciate any thoughts for improvement from your side in order to fit our website to your needs.


Language: Greek and English is bi-langual, Greek or English! It's up to you which language you'd like to place your ad in. Please note that if you'd like to place your ad in both languages, you have to create one for the English database and one for the Greek database. This is necessary to avoid seeing Greek ads while you're English speaking, and vice-versa.


Duration of ad


After activation by email, your ad will be online for four (4) months, after which it will be automatically removed (notification will be sent to your email). Feel free to place the ad again if it didn't sell. After two (2) months you will also receive an email with an optional link to delete the ad. To avoid other people unneccessarily contacting you and to keep the quality level of the ads high, we kindly request you to remove your ad (log in to 'My Ads') if you have been able to sell your product prior to this date.




Placing a classified ad (with or without pictures) is completely free of charge!!


If you wish to advertise your banner in any category or on the main page, please see our banner rates here: Advertising 


What we do not allow does not like anyone to sell off their mother-in-law or placement of ads that are in any sense illegal, offensive or sexual in nature (see "forbidden goods"). There are already plenty of websites serving such needs. All ads are screened by our software and manually (even an extra scanning procedure for ads being placed from outside Cyprus, as well as people responding to ads from outside of Cyprus). If for some reason we've missed one and you feel that it should not be there, kindly let us know by clicking on the "Report" button located at the bottom right of every ad! 


Important message


Buying and selling through the Internet is safe, cheap and a lot of fun. It is however important to use your common sense. Be careful if you are offered more than your asking price, if the potential buyer is located abroad, or if someone pays with a cheque (it takes a few days for the bank to clear the cheque). We advice you to never use Western Union, HSBC bank, BidPay or MoneyGram if you are doing business with an unknown party. We also advice you to not ship your goods abroad.


Οι αγορές και πωλήσεις μέσω του Διαδυκτίου είναι ασφαλείς, φτηνές και πολύ διασκεδαστικές. Όμως είναι σημαντικό να χρησιμοποιούμε και την κοινή λογική. Να είστε προσεκτικοί εάν σας προσφέρουνε περισσότερα απο την τιμή που ζητάτε, εάν ο πιθανός σας αγοραστής βρίσκεται στο εξωτερικό ή εάν κάποιος πληρώνει με επιταγή (χρειάζονται μερικές μέρες για να ξεκαθαρίσει η τράπεζα την επιταγή). Σας συμβουλεύουμε να μην χρησιμοποιείτε ποτέ την Western Union, HSBC bank, BidPay ή MoneyGram όταν κάνετε συμφωνίες με άγνωστα άτομα. Επίσης σας συμβουλεύουμε να μην στέλλετε τα προϊόντα σας στο εξωτερικό.


Tell a friend


If you see an ad that is interesting for your friend(s) to see, simply click on the "tell a friend" button located at the bottom right of the ad and a link to the ad will be sent to him/her.




If something still doesn't make any sense or if you're encountering problems...kindly send us an e-mail ( and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.




If you wish to advertise your company banner/logo either on the homepage or in any of the categories, kindly contact us for the rates and further info: Advertising



Kind regards, The Bazaraki Team

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