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fire_fly = Žiga Merkun
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I am Žiga Journalist of Association kROG 9.

On website you can find more ABOUT ME:


We are nonprofit and we like that all people can bring donation or take what they want.  We are looking for place which can provide toilet, basic water, eletricity in space size cca 20m2 or bigger. The place we are looking for, can be abandonated or not in good condition. At the moment we do not have to pay for rent.


We plan to renovate by our own with our work, volunteers, donations and bring to place good reputation so place can be rented when we leave the place when we go in bigger. This way owner and we both have benefit. We can have personal meeting. Contact: email or uper link under More information on:

Tell us your feedback: Critics, what you are missing, ideas, sugestions where to be on Sundays, send any contact so we can contact 3th party people to find the place,


If you do not know for any place spread the word and SHARE with others who may know something.


To be more in connection with local people to get in contact with them i deside to make weekly meetups in diferent places different times. For now is each time cca 1 hour. When will be more wisits we will be there more time.



What you can bring:

You are wellcome as a volunteer. Things you do not need, you do not now how to used, you think somebody can use than is better to bringit than put in trash or recycle, reusing is much better. It can be tehnical stuff, books, clothes, shoes, food (original, packing, open, expired, homemede, fresh, dried,...), tools, small household and for now do not bring more than 3 pices. Bring also good will. For bigger objests is better to contact me, i have just bycicle so we can organise.


Where we are:

We are each Sunday on different spot. Each 1st. Saturday we will be at 34.67421, 33.04726 = Promenade Molos next to the see. For hour look under updates and other Sundays.



Other ptojects:


NOTE: The GPS location (put in your GPS or look on internet), place and time


NEW UPDATE: 20170206

  • Sorry i forget to take new photos
  • Saturday 20170212 at 14h to 15:30 in this spot 34.67866 / 33.05178 = Promenade Molos next to the seea little diferent than last week





  • Added new photo
  • Saturday 20170205 at 14:30 to 15:30 is at  34.67421 / 33.04726 = Promenade Molos next to the see


  • Saturday 2017/01/29 at 13:30 to 14:30 is at 34.67887 / 33.04401 = Grigori Afxsentiou Sqare  (statistic: 3 visit, 1 giveaway)

2017/01/21 19:50

  • I was at police station to check if wat we have tomorow is legal and it is. And Tomorow you will find out where and when we are next week. SEE YOÜ SOON.


  • Each Sunday i will come in one of the park with poster and things which i like to share with people i do not need. You can bring, you can bring and take or just take. It is only one rule on person is just 3 pices you can take so people who come after you can get somethin
  • 34.68503 / 33.04419, Agias Zonis the way from sea to Makariou on right site in the park next to Polis Antoniades pharmacy on Sunday 22. Jan. 17 at 14h to 15h in case of bad weather we will meet again in 1 week later on diferent place and time i will inform you here.(stastistics: 1 visit )
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