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Thank you for your help. Thank you for being responsive on time and thank you for the good website you have provided for us in general to promote and sell our items!!! And once again.... thank you ! I have sold my lens in one weeks time, and on the way to sell my car as well from bazaraki.com. These items are always much wanted but the amount of time that I sold them in is extreme ! Anywhere I sit and talk with people that want to sell stuff, I only talk about this page! So, please keep up the good job !!! 

~ Panayiotis 


I just sold my car in 1hr so my ad is not valid anymore.

~ Helen Savva 


I just want to say that I am very happy and satisfied with your services and your website. If there is anything I see that you can improve I will tell you. Believe me that I am sharing my opinion and other clients opions too that you are helping us all in our work.

~ Zoritsa Mladenovic


On Bazaraki.com it is very easy to find whatever you want to buy and sell. If I want to buy something or to sell my second hand phone, the first thing crossing my mind is Bazaraki.com. I recommend it to all my friends! Congrats again!

~ Chelu 


I would just like to give some feedback! I have acquired six new students through www.bazaraki.com and none from one other online site I use. So a big, huge THANK YOU :)))

~ Lisa Codd 


Thanks very much for your help. I have sold my Swarovski Crystal collection in 20 minutes! Very pleased with the site and will use you again!

~ Lyn


Discovered your site a few months ago, and wow, just sold my old car. Like to say thank you so much. Do you have any Bazaraki.com car window stickers so that us sellers/buyers can advertise your site?

~ Aggis Demetriou


I just sold my Play Station 2. Put my add 2 days ago...first person who called me... he came, he saw and he bought it... Simple and Nice :-)

~ Stefynho 


Your website is fantastic! Thanks to advertising on your site my Christmas Fair was a great success

~ Tanith Messenger (Polis) 


Yesterday I advertised an external hard drive - and was delighted to receive 3 calls and sold it within an hour.

~ Michael Pantridge


Just to say, I think your website and service is first class, thank you, i do tell everyone about your site and service.

~ Ralph E. Asthon


Sadly leaving this beautiful island to relocate to UK very soon .. prepare yourself for an influx of ads from me as have a villa full of items to dispose of ... Thank you for being the best source of advertising I have found in the 9 years I've been based here. Will miss Cyprus and the wonderful friends have made here ... But in the words of Mr Schwarzenegger .... "I'll be back" ! :)

~ Russell Keen (Polemi) 


The first time I have used Bazaraki and the result was amazing. The number of hits in such a short space of time and selling within 24 hours. BEAT THAT !!!

~ Michael Skillings (Peyeia, Paphos)


Thank you very much for the Kcineplex tickets, and for bringing Bazaraki to Cyprus!

~ Nabil from Zebra Kid (www.zebrakid.com) (Limassol) 


I am so thankful to Bazaraki, because it helps me to sell some items very fast!

~ Margaritova Yordanka (Pafos)


Living outside Cyprus, but spending all my holidays on the island, I have found bazaraki.com to be a very helpful tool for planning purchases that otherwise would consume too much of my sacred, though limited holiday time. So far, I've only had good experiences with communicating and dealing with the misc. sellers. The items bought were all living up to the expectations I had and fairly priced too.

~ Mr. K. Urne (Norway)


I think Bazaraki is a great website and I love the fact it is in English as well as Greek.  I shall definitely recommend you to friends.

~ Tanith Messenger (co runner of www.scrapbookgetaways.co.uk)


This is a great site! I just got hold of two very nice guest beds on Saturday thanks to a Bazaraki ad. Bargain!

~ Irene Horpestad (Limassol)


You will be very happy to know that I sold my Xperia X1 mobile on Saturday to a guy in Limassol! The ad that I upgraded to Featured. Thank you Bazaraki!

~ Mr. Christos Ioannides (Nicosia)





Tried several other advertising medias in Cyprus with little success but I must say without fail our adverts on Bazaraki get hits almost immediately and always manage to sell via the Bazaraki advert. Top Notch!!

~ Algys Autos Ltd (www.algysautos-cyprus.com) and their blog and comment: www.algysautosblog.com.


We found advertising on Bazaraki.com for the last two years has produced some great results and we have seen a very large increase in the traffic to our site. It is a site that attracts a lot of hits and we have received a lot of very positieve feedback from both clients and candidates who found us through the site. We would definitely recommend banner advertising on Bazaraki.com as it really is an effective form of advertising for businesses.

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