Understanding love by panicos sardos

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Posted: 06.08.2017 17:48
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The main topic of this book is our roads in life, through which we can reach our main road of evolution. That is the one and only purpose we have for living in the worlds of substance, which we can otherwise call worlds of existence.

Chapter 1 aims to give an initial introduction to what this book is all about, and to identify its intended audience.

Chapter 2 is also an introductory chapter, to give a description of what is meant or implied by various terms that are used throughout this book.

Chapter 3 discusses the Absolute Being, as we need to be introduced to our true nature, our purposes for being here, where we are heading, and what the final result will be. Understanding our true nature will help us to understand what the following chapters are talking about, and our capabilities for what we can accomplish if we start moving in the different directions that will make our living in the worlds of substance much more pleasant and fruitful, as compared to our current ways of living.

Chapter 4 introduces us to the School of Life, giving emphasis to the Holy Laws that govern our education, whose main purpose is our evolution to perfection. It gives an initial insight into the roads we have to walk and the purposes they serve.

Chapter 5 deals with the major problems we are faced with in our daily lives, which are our relationships. The emphasis is on family relationships, because these are the basis from where we learn our ethics, values and principles. Family relationships are the hardest tests we will take in the school of life, as the effort to control our ego is the hardest task to accomplish. The chapter discusses various important laws, such as the power of light over darkness. It introduces us to the nature of the problems and obstacles we face on our roads, and provides guidance on how to use our roads to reach the solutions that will best serve our purposes and allow us to walk a few steps further.

Chapter 6 discusses the very big subject of reincarnation, which some religions accept and others reject. The aim of this chapter is not to prove that reincarnation is real and takes place, although there are some examples of this. Its main aim is to justify reasons why reincarnation is there and how it serves us in our purpose of evolving toward perfection.

Chapter 7 is the major chapter of this book, as it touches on the very important issues of Creation and the "system" that governs it. It attempts to introduce us to the elements that the system of life is based on, to govern the education process in the school of life.

Chapter 8 provides a summary of conclusions derived from the various chapters of the book, grouped by topic discussed, which can provide a quick reference to the overall book.

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