Sales and marketing manager

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  • Job type Full-time


Activity: A Payment Institution licensed by the Central Bank of Cyprus with a Head Office in Nicosia and customer service points around Cyprus. The institution offers payment services for more than 12 years in Cyprus and more than 9 years in Greece with a separate licensed local entity.


SCOPE & GENERAL PURPOSE OF THE JOB: To be responsible for the issues connected with sales and marketing, to the standard required by the company.

1. For the purpose of proper planning, control and developing accountability, submit the budgeted proposals for S&M department every year. All estimates should be supported by analytical and self-explanatory workings. Monthly projections should be presented separately for the following budgets:

· Revenue budgets.

· Capital expenditure Budgets.

· Operating expenditure budgets.

2. Be responsible for the image of the company. Suggest ways for improvement and be able to implement them.

3. Be responsible for the advertising and promotion of the company’s products and services in all areas and levels. Suggest ways for advertising and promotion and be able to implement them.

4. Be aware of the sales of the outlets, analyse these sales, suggest corrective actions where necessary, as well as suggestions concerning the increase of the sales, new products and services. Be able to develop and implement these ideas.

5. Be aware of the market; study the company’s customer as well as the competitors. Prepare regular reports concerning these. Suggest and be able to implement action plans based on this information, which will be beneficial for the company.

6. Co-operate with staff, colleagues, management, customers, partners or any other, directly or indirectly connected with the company’s image.

7. Be able to organize and lead people and solve problems.

8. Inspire staff and colleagues with a positive & constructive attitude towards the customers, company or its ideals.

Minimum qualifications:

• Business oriented degree (BSc) and an MBA;

• Excellent Greek and English language skills;(Russian will be considered as an extra qualification)

• Integrity, Intelligence and Energy;

Salary Information

Annual gross starts up salary: EURO 15000.

The successful candidate should be able to work in Cyprus without special work permits.

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Sana Investments Ltd, 17.04.2019 18:41, Lefkosia (Nicosia) district, Nicosia — Town Center
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Our client an International brand establishment with thousands of shops across the world is looking to hire a team of Sales Associates (part time) for their operations in NicosiaThe role will be responsible for:- Ensuring efficient and customer friendly service is always delivered- Handling cash and processing customer purchases- Taking care of a product area in the store, including the replenishing and arranging of products in such a way that the area always looks tidy and inspiring- Registering complaint- Keeping a high store standard, making sure it is always clean and inviting to customersThe ideal candidates will be/have:- Ambitious and eager to generate sales and improve his/her skills.- Result-oriented and motivated by contributing to the performance of the entire team- Industrious, punctual and willing to learn and developOutgoing and enjoy meeting and interacting with customersFlexible and can prioritise his/her tasksTeam playerGreat energy and a positive mind-setThe role is offered on a temporary basis with duration of 1 month and with the potential to be renewed as a permanent/full time.The role will be retail hours and therefore there is a requirement for shifts. The client is offering a competitive salary per hour plus monthly commissions based on sales
StaffMatters Recruitment on behalf of a client, 28.03.2019 11:08, Lefkosia (Nicosia) district, Nicosia — Town Center
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Υπαλληλο για το τμημα του φουρνου
Η ΥΠΕΡΑΓΟΡΑ ΚΚΟΛΙΑΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΑΚΑΤΑΜΙΑ ΖΗΤΑ ΥΠΑΛΛΗΛΟ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ ΤΜΗΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΦΟΥΡΝΟΥ ΓΙΑ ΠΛΗΡΗ ΑΠΑΣΧΟΛΗΣΗ Ωράριο Εργασίας 05:15π.μ - 13:15μ.μ Προσφέρεται Ελκυστικό Πακέτο Απολαβών Βασικά Καθήκοντα : Ψήσιμο αρτοποιημάτων Επιθυμητά Προσόντα : Eργασιακή εμπειρία σε συναφή κλάδο και σε αντίστοιχη θέση θα θεωρηθεί επιπλέον προσόν Για εκδήλωση ενδιαφέροντος ή περισσότερες πληροφορίες επικοινωνήστε:
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Ζητούνται πωλητές/τριες με άδεια οδηγού ταχυτήτων για επαρχία Λευκωσίας και Λάρνακας. Καθήκοντα & Περιγραφή ατόμου: Εξυπηρέτηση πελατών στο κατάστημα Γνώση αντικειμένου Μηχανογράφη Βασική γνώση Υ/Η Άδεια Οδήγησης ταχυτήτων για Van Διατήρηση αποθήκης Παραλαβή και διανομή εμπορευμάτων Δυνατότητα εργασίας κάτω από πίεση και χρονοδιαγράμματα προς επίτευξη καθορισμένων στόχων Προσόντα: Ευγενικός/η Συνεργάσιμος/η Ευχάριστος/η Υπομονετικός/η Πρόθυμος/η με τους συναδέλφους και τους πελάτες Γρήγορος/η
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Sales executive
Our client, a well established in its field industrial company, is looking for a Sales Executive to support the expansion of activities in its new office in Nicosia.Key ResponsibilitiesMaintaining and further developing of company’s points of sale listPresenting and promoting company products and systems to engineers, architects and Hotel Industry Key Management ExecutivesProviding technical support to point of sales and construction sitesDelivering technical seminars when requiredFollowing up on competition and providing with relevant reports Candidate Profile:Chemical or Civil Engineering educational background3-4 years of relevant working sales experience, ideally in the construction industry or a building materials companyExcellent knowledge of English languagePC literateExcellent communication and presentation skillsExcellent negotiation and time management skillsTeam spirit What the company offers:Excellent remuneration packagePotential for further career advancementContinuous training on the company products and systems
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Jobs » Sales, retail, customer service

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