Client relationship manager

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  • Experience Any

Job Description

Our Client is the world’s leading b2b neobank and their services include emoney, payments and identity verification, which all revolve around optimizing the online payment journey in a seamless and secure way. They are currently looking for a Client Relationship Manager for their dynamic team. The ideal candidate will have experience in providing customer support in a Service Desk environment.

Job Responsibilities

Compliance with the Company’s policies and procedures, including audit requirements, confidentiality, AML/CTF, information security and data privacy of the Company’s customers and end users.

Comply with, in particular, procedures covering support and management of customers, including account settings and ongoing customer account support.

Build and maintain lasting relationships with the company's customers as the primary point of contact in the on boarding and integration process

Answer customer calls using various communication mediums as an active member of the support team, along with carrying out quality controls check regulatory, whilst being the escalation point for customers.

Work closely with other internal teams to help deliver exceptional customer experiences

Produce regular reporting, including analyses of statistical data on query trends, peak times etc. and to record data based on customer pain points.

Follow up improvements and resale notes and identify up-sale possibilities.

Identify churn risks and additional revenue opportunities.

Identify and execute improvements of internal processes and procedures.

Perform product and feature demos, user training, and public facing webinars

Personally, solve Tier 1technical issues and escalate issues to technical support and other internal teams as needed


Native English speaker preferred; other languages will be considered an advantage

Excellent customer service skills

Must be tech savvy

Strong written and verbal communications skills essential for this role

Possess outstanding presentation skills, interpersonal skills and be self-reliant, independent and willing to work and grow with the team

Confidence to speak and present product information in front of groups with ease

Willingness to travel, up to several days each month

Aptitude to work in a fast-paced environment

Flexibility for shifting customer support as part of a rota

The Package:

Competitive Salary

Private health insurance plan participation

Performance Bonus, including mix of cash and share-based scheme of company stock for outstanding performers.

Work space perks: breakfast for early starters, barista coffee, subsidized lunch

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