Malaysian speaking client relationship officer

Επαρχια Λεμεσός, Limassol — Agios Nicolaos
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Job Description

Our client, a well-established investment firm based in Limassol is looking for a Malaysian speaker for the Client Relationship Officer role.

Job Responsibilities

Maintaining contact with existing clients to ensure high levels of client satisfaction

Providing general information in regards to company’s platforms and services offered

Informing and assisting all clients in relation to the use of all current and future products

Assisting customers who wish to open or manage a trading account

Informing all existing and potential clients of any new products and promotions that the Company is offering

Maintaining professional internal and external relationships that meet Company’s core values.

Providing quality and efficient live support to existing and potential clients

Answering all emails received from clients regarding queries on various issues (technical, accounting, new applications etc.)

Liaising with the relevant department in case where clients have queries on specific issues related to that department and forwarding clients’ complaints to the Team Leaders.

Providing troubleshooting and support for the basic functions of the trading platform

Welcoming calls/call back requests


University/College dregree in Business, Marketing or Computer related field or equivalent

Knowledge of the FX Market and experience in the Forex industry will be considered as an advantage

Fluency in Malaysian

Good knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

Skills Required: Interpersonal skills, Communicate effectively using various tools, Problem Analysis and problem-solving, Customer Service Orientation, Adaptability, Organizing and Time Management Skills, Integrity and Trust

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