Kawasaki z1000 - my princess

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Kawasaki z1000 - my princess-1

Dear next owner of my princess, I would like to sell my beautiful princess; my Kawasaki Z1000. She looks like a Demon and she is. Her sound is so deep, everybody knows in the highway when I beat them what does it mean respect. If somebody thinkin' they can accelerate faster the demon shows her trully face and shows what does it mean the 124 horsepower with 218 kg. Of course she can because she always get the best service around in Cyprus, drinkin' 98 petrol, castrol motoroil and always have the tyres for the shoes :). She also likes to whispering soo silently when we going to tour that : "My owner I am your trully babe, so please lean with me in the corners, I will do forever what you trully want." - and she doing it. So she has 2 faces. The trully demon who can beat anybody and the gentle pussycat who always watching what you want and serve it. Sometimes we riding with our friends she really likes to move with company so i give her what she want. She is more than my motorcycle, she is my love. But sometimes need to say goodbye no matter how much pain you have in your deepest soul. I needed to decide in this way 'couse the biggest demon called me and said to me: "Come join the 1400ccm category, Come flight with black hayabusa, it gives you freedom and you can soar on Suzuki B-King wings...." So this is the trully reason why I would like to sell it. I cheat the beast to have new adventures with 1400 ccm hellrides. What can I say more for my beautiness? She is perfect. New clutch, new brakes etc.... I do not want to sell anybody. I want to give her somebody who take care of her and respect her. NO BARGAINING The price is not negotiable. I dont send e-mails. Just phonecalls

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