Reloop rmp-1 scratch

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Reloop rmp-1 scratch
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Single MP3 CD player - USED

The scratch version of the RMP-1 is equipped with a sophisticated DSP scratch simulator that can be controlled via the two-piece, touch-sensitive jog wheel. The edge is used for searching, push-starting and braking while the inner surface activates the sound synthesis when being touched. The concept is clear: the RMP-1 Scratch is reduced to the most important mixing functions and due to the added scratch function it becomes the perfect turntablism CD player.


MP3 compatible single frontloader CD player

Touch-sensitive two-piece jog dial

High-end scratch simulator with return-to-cue-function

Automatic and manual BPM counter

4 independent 5 second sample banks (pitchable)

4 independent cue point banks

ID3 TAG support and CD text

Track and folder search

Especially bright Dot Matrix VFD display for all functions

Especially long pitchfader (can be switched off)

Pitch range: +/- 4/8/16/100% (with master tempo)

Pitch bend up to +/- 100%

Auto cue

Seamless loop function / re-loop function

Frame search

Instant start due to 1 bit technology (8-fold)

Playing address

10 second anti-shock memory

Elapsed/remain time display

Sleep function

Instant play as of cue point

Relay play

Fader start play

Digital output

Headphones output with volume control

S/N ratio: 97 dB

D/A converter: 8-fold/1 bit

Dimensions: 320 x 110.5 x 340 mm

Weight: 4.0 kg


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Στο Bazaraki από Μάι, 2017

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