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Hot tub/spa/Jacuzzi FOR SALE Brand new.

Miami Hot Tub

Please email us which colour you would like. The colours we provide are Ocean Blue with Chestnut Brown base, Arctic White with Space Grey base and Midnight Opal with Charcoal Black base.

All hot tubs are quality made using Lucite Acrylic with Microban (anti-bacterial built into the acrylic) made in the USA and have the award winning USA Balboa operating and heating systems. The composite surround looks and feels like wood but doesn't rot or fade like real wood.

We offer high quality hot tubs at affordable prices and assure to assist you every step of the way.

The Miami

Number of seats: 6

Number of jets: 48

Dimentions: 2m x 2m x 0.9m

Weight empty: 400kg

Weight filled (approx): 1400kg

Jet Pump strengh: 2 x 2 HP

Circulation Pump strength: 1 x 1 HP

Heater strengh: 1 x 3 KW

Number of headrests: 3

Number of Waterfall: 1

Now we carry the Top best seller Hot Tub in Europe BARCELONA 2.23X2.23x0.94m

with 2x4HP pumps and 61 Jets Prices Varies

for this models.

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