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Electric scooter cybay m2-1

Nominal voltage: 36v

Motor Power: 250W

Max speed: 25-35 km/h

Battery capacity: 36V 8.8Ah

Endurance milage: 35-40KM

Battery type: LG/Samsung Lithium

Motor torque: 6.6 N.m

Charging time: 3-5h

Charger: 110-240v: 50-60Hz

Motor Type: Brushless gearless motor

Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Starting method: zero start

Waterproof grade: IPX4

Loading weight: 120kg

Wheel type: 12.5inch diameter x 2.25inch width

Brake method: Electromagnetic brake

Max. Climb: angle 35 degree 

Net weight: 18 kg

Fold size: 1235*536*270mm

Unfold size: 1200*615*985mm

Colours: black, white

Price: 1549 €

Product details:

 CyBay M2 - is the newest electric transport, which combines a motorcycle, scooter and moped. Transport of the future will not leave you indifferent, reliable, fast, economical, does not pollute the environment. On-board computer in real time displays all the necessary information. You can also limit the power to save battery life and overcoming long distances. The M2 scooter is easy to fold, which will not prevent you from transporting or storing the house.

The electric Scooter M2 is a new generation, practical and non-polluting scooter. It allows easy and economical travel without effort. The fact of being able to fold it makes it possible to easily transport it with itself on a site or even on holidays for more freedom.

The M2 Electric Scooter is without a doubt the most intelligent E-Scooter built to date. At the same time elegant and practical the M2 is today “unique”. Its design and manufacture have involved the latest techniques and know-how. The M2 electric scooter has been thoroughly thought through in every detail, making it the perfect companion for all men and women who need to move comfortably and quickly on short and medium distances.

The M2 is an E-scooter whose features make it an indispensable vehicle for many consumers. It benefits from a quality of manufacture very high level with the level of the engine, the brakes and the frame. Its original LG battery offers both a range of 30 to 45 kilometers and a durability of several years.

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