Blue planet deco o mini aquarium 10l - black

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Blue planet deco o mini aquarium 10l - black

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Product Features

Deco O mini is a designer aquarium, allowing you to get close to the stunning beauty of aquatic life in a calm & natural way that compliments your lifestyle. It's also a terrific way to truly bring nature into your environment for your entire family.

Available in Black , simply select your choice in the list above.

The design of Deco O mini carefully resembles the traditional fish bowl, creating an immediate bond. The relaxing bubble effect from the air driven filtration system provides ideal surface agitation and water oxygenation for healthy fish.

With discreet internal clips to ensure the air hose is kept out of the way, and handy external air hose and power cord holders built into the rim of the tank, you can be assured of an uninterrupted view without messy cords and cables.

- Magic Touch lighting – select day light or moon light, just by a touch on the top of the tank

- Advanced HPLED lighting creates relaxing shimmering sun-like ripples in your aquarium

- Moonlight Feature with Blue LED, also nightlight for home

- Uni-module lighting design incorporating the - Touch Sensor, HPLED’s and electronics in a totally sealed single glass module for years of care-free service

- Integrated air filtration system built into tank décor

- Includes 12V air pump, silicon air tube, air stone and filter complete with cartridge.

- Gravel, decorative rock and plant included (as pictured).

- Net and Soft Brush included for easy maintenance.

- 1 year limited warranty

- Air Pump: AA336

- Filter Media: R-AA26-SC

Aquarium Dimensions (cm): 33.5 L x 13.6 D x 31 H


Delivery Options

(1) Pick-up is available

(2) We can deliver the product at your door with local couriers express & cash on delivery services without any extra cost


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