Bark stop pro - bark control device and pest repellent

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Bark stop pro - bark control device and pest repellent

The Bark Stopper is a powerful, compact and versatile device that uses ultrasonic technology to effectively put an end to nuisance dog barking or harmlessly repel common pests and wildlife from your yard, farm or garden. It gives you the option of powering it with four size C batteries (not included) or permanently plugged in to a power source using the supplied AU standard plug. You can also set operating times, such as night time only or day time only, using the power-saving Operating Time feature.

This is the most cost effective option in the market. Don't be fooled by pricier brands, this technology is identical to Bark Stop Pro and Yard Sentinel - you can even use the Bark Stopper remote control to operate these more expensive brands!


Wide 500 square metre area coverage

The Bark Stopper gives you the convenience of setting the device on automatic bark control while you're away. It automatically senses dogs barking up to 15 metres away, and with a horizontal andle of 110 degrees, it can cover a large area of up to 500 square metres. This means it's powerful enough to stop your dogs from barking AND your neighbour's dogs to boot!

Remote gives you more control and longer Antibark control distance

At times when the Bark Stopper's 15 metre automatic bark sensing range is not enough, you can choose to manually control the ultrasonic antibark function with the remote control, allowing you to target dogs with the ultrasonic beam up to 21 metres away. The remote also comes with a dog training mode, emitting a less powerful ultrasonic wave to use for regular dog training as opposed to the stronger ultrasonic Antibark controller. The Bark Stopper is truly a versatile dog training and antibark system!

Expect fast results from 2 to 3 days to 2 to 3 weeks

For the first couple of weeks, the dog may react by barking at the machine. This is part of the learning process. The dog will eventually learn to associate the ultrasonic with its barking. Many dogs learn within two to three days; however, it may take two to three weeks before you see results. Be consistent and keep the device set on the Bark Sensor during this time.


Option to use ultrasonic or sonic waves to repel pests, animals and even humans

The ultrasonic sound used to silence dogs is the same as technology that can effectively drive pests from your property. Using a variable pulse generator, the ultrasonic emits a range of fluctuating sound waves to prevent the pest from being accustomed to the sound.

The ultrasonic frequency dial located at the back of the device allows you to adjust the ultrasonic sound to repel the most common pests that frequent your property. The dial guided you to. Joker the best frequency to match the pest or animal you are trying to repel. Insects and large animals are repelled by lower frequencies (counter-clockwise). Rodents and other small animals are repelled by higher frequencies (clockwise).

The device is also equipped with a sonic signal, which is more audible to humans than the ultrasonic waves. This helps to scare off any person or animal lurking around your property. At full volume, the sound cam be heard up to 91 metres away. It can also act as a security alarm for your yard.

Infrared Motion Sensor helps to automatically repel pests

The device can be set to activate only when animals come into range. When the pest enters within 14metres of the device, a red light will turn on and the device will activate both the ultrasonic and sonic functions as dialled. You can also control the sensitivity of the motion sensor using the sensor sensitivity dial.


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