Led/lcd tv/monitor desk mount bracket 15-27 inch

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Led/lcd tv/monitor desk mount bracket 15-27 inch-1
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New/Unused Product - Καινούργιο/Αχρησιμοποίητο Προϊόν.

LED/LCD TV/Monitor Desk Mount Bracket, Gas spring counterbalance for flat screens 15″-27″ (38-69cm) holds weight up to 6.5 kg Color: black

◙ compliant for all holes pattern including VESA standard max. hole pitch: 100×100 mm

◙ lateral distance adjustable: 502 mm max.

◙ height adjustable: 406 mm max.

◙ adjustable screen tilt: -90°/+45°

◙ lateral rotation: -180°/+180°

◙ Swivel angle: ±180°

◙ Gas spring counterbalance

◙ desk mounting adjustable, for desk thickness: 18 - 83 mm

◙ adjustment possible without tools - at any time

◙ incl. mounting guide and complete mountings in gift box


◙ ERGONOMIC: Easily place your screen at the appropriate height, depth, and angle which will promote good posture and eliminate the need to strain or hunch over to see your screen. Reduce neck and shoulder pain, backaches, eyestrain and improve your overall well-being.

◙ FREE UP DESK SPACE: If your monitor is currently sitting on your desk. Monitor arms are also great when working in restricted spaces. They free up desk space and give you more room to work. Plus, when you are not using your monitor, you can simply push it out of the way.

◙ “JUST RIGHT” ADJUSTMENT: Rotate monitor to Landscape or Portrait. Counterbalance technology can be adjusted on the back to accommodate various monitor weights and unlimited positions

◙ INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: A comfortable working atmosphere can also help boost your productivity. You will no longer have to spend a lot of time readjusting your workspace to see your screen better, since you can adjust the height and angle of your monitor quickly and efficiently depending on your workspace needs. This will give you more time to focus on work tasks, which will increase your efficiency.

Main Features:

◙ Keyhole pattern allows for easy installation

◙ Gas spring perfectly counterbalances the weight of your monitor

◙ Built-in spring gauge for perfect weight adjustment

◙ Cable management keeps everything organized

◙ Easy to adjust, no tools required

Led/lcd tv/monitor desk mount bracket 15-27 inch-2

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