Construction of autonomous sewerage system for 15 peoples residence

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The “Eurobion-15” wastewater treatment plant is capable of treating wastewater with purification efficiency higher than 98%. The treatment process is taken from wildlife (absolutely ecological) based on the natural ability of bacteria to breakdown organic pollutants and never requires filling or refilling with any reagents and additives.

The body of the plant is made of a high-strength homogeneous copolymer of polypropylene and ethylene (corrosion-free and rust-free material), divided by internal partitions into two compartments with special equipment installed, which provides deep biological treatment of sewage.

From plumbing fixtures installed in the building, raw wastewater flows through the sewage outlet and the gravity pipeline directly to the “Eurobion” wastewater treatment plant.

In a sewage treatment plant, wastewater undergoes a process of biological treatment. The operation is based on the aerobic and anoxic biochemical methods of wastewater treatment, which result from the

The final effluent can be carried into:

• the storage tank (subsurface, aboveground) for further reusing water resources;

• to the subsurface disposal system - subsurface drainage (absorption pit, drainage trench, gravel-less chamber system, absorption bed);

• the nearest open ditch;

• slope located outside the site.

All discharge options can be easily combined with each other. Several disposal options being provided ("main" and "additional") the system ensures comfortable living in the house throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

The excess sludge accumulated at the bottom of the oxidation channel inside the treatment plant which is a brown odorless liquid (not to confuse it with thick and stinking humus sludge in septic tanks) is pumped out into the bucket by means of a built-in submerged pump once half a year during the maintenance service.

The advantages of the “Eurobion” treatment plant over other similar solutions (equipment), offered on the Cyprus market, may be presented on request.

ability of bacteria to assimilate the majority of organic and chemical matter containing in wastewater.

The final effluent (treated water) leaves the plant through the self-flow (or force flow – optional) outlet, is odorless, colorless and without any toxic substances, and meets the standards suitable for irrigation.

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