City center apartment

Επαρχια Λάρνακα, Λάρνακα
Καταχωρήθηκε: 14.01.2020 17:55 Kωδ. αγγελίας: 2590855
City center apartment-1
  • Εμβαδόν 70 m²
  • Ταχυδρομικός Τομέας 6021
  • Ελάχιστη διαμονή 10 μέρες

This brand new (September 2019) 2 bedroom apartment is located on the 2nd floor. It is 2 min walk from Ermou square and 10 min walk from Finikoudes beach. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, 1 bathroom and a guest toilet. It is fully furnished and air conditioned. The private parking is available on the first come, first served basis (the bulding has 8 apartments and 5 parking places). No pets are allowed. The price does not include communal expenses. It is rented for 2 months ( 1 April 2020 - 31 May 2020).

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