Distribution company with massive growth potential in larnaca

Επαρχια Λάρνακα, Λάρνακα
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Distribution company with massive growth potential in larnaca

My Company with massive growth potential is for sale due to time availability.

For those who want to enter the beauty industry and have the vision to see the potential of this brand in Cyprus & Greece.

And those who want to be happy and successful business owners.

You can work from your own office.

I have an Exclusive Agreement - which ends in June 2020 - with a Luxurious Men's Care Brand - you will also get two women's brand as a bonus.

You will receive the stock worth of 4000 euros, 8 customers and the Exclusivity to Distribute the products in Cyprus & Greece.

My business has everything completed and you can start working right away. No extra expenses needed.

I have 7 key customers in Cyprus and 1 Customer in Greece which is the biggest online store and has a hair salon.

The potential is big, and this might be a lifetime opportunity.

Also, I have a Swiss and Spanish Women's brand ready for collaboration which you will get as a bonus.

Let's break down the numbers with minimum amount of customers and orders.

You have a profit margin of about 40% for wholesale and 71% for retail.

If you have 50 wholesale customers and you receive 50 orders per month x €300 Worth Orders = €15,000

40% profit margin = NET €6000 per Month

BUT What if you get 100 customers per month?

100 x €300 orders = NET €12,000.

These numbers are very small for Cyprus and Imagine adding Greece.

In a Year you could earn NET €144,000.

If you had only 50 customers you could still earn NET €72,000.

But don't forget these numbers are very small. You could get more customers and each customer could do orders larger than €300.

What is the offer: You can split the payments 50/50. To be exact, you can give the 5,000 to get the ownership of the business and the other 5,000 on a date that will be agreed.

Don't forget the I will give you 2 more women's brands and an Instagram page with 400 followers. No need to start from scratch.

Also, I have the best Hair Stylist in Spain who wants to come to Cyprus and help you promote these products and is standing by.

The price I am asking for is ridiculous and I am offering it until 1/02.

After that, I will double the price again. If you want to buy this business at this price please call me immediately as I am in touch with other potential buyers.

Don't wait any longer, call now. This offer will not last forever.

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