Pioneer cdj-850 cd players pair,used

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Pioneer cdj-850 cd players pair,used

Pair of 2 players ,with carry cases in mint condition.

The Pioneer CDJ-850 is equipped with the same sized Push Select Button as the CDJ-2000. TheCDJ-850 is the cheapest product in the CDJ series, which displays the Waveform. The taglist feature can be operated intuitive so that DJs are able to arrange 10, 20 or more tracks in advance by creating fast and easy setlists. These setlists can be saved as playlists and accessed by the rekordboxTM or used for the next gig. Alone thePioneer CDJ-850 makes possible as only players the treatment of day lists, in which TRACKs can be added, removed and arranged again.

Aside from the ProDJ link connection the Pioneer CDJ-850 offers many of the innovative functions of the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900. The CDJ-850 is clearly superior to the predecessor model CDJ-800MK2. The Jog Wheel in the full format (206 mm) is known to each DJ, who had already worked with a professional CDJ. It offers the usual performance and precision of the upper class products.

The CDJ-850 is multifunctional, because it plays music from CD, USB and PC. Despite its low price, thePioneer CDJ-850 plays NEXT tons of MP3s and AAC music files even professional 24-bit WAV and AIFF files. It can be used as a MIDI controller and 24-bit sound card for music software.Leadoffs of the software providers will offer Plug & Play support soon because of its HID function.


• Offers a majority of the main functions of the CDJ-2000 established as club standard

• A multiplicity of digital files plays off (WAV, AIFF, MP3 etc.)

• rekordboxTM to produce and treat playlists before the Gig and to store cue and loop attitudes for innovative DJing

• On-screen-display for fast and simple music selection, WAV announcement for intuitive seizing of the TRACK dynamics

• More complex DJ-software can be used over the USB HID interface of the CDJ-850 without control Disc

• TRACKs can be added by depressing the key day lists and arranged therein at will

• Numerous further features such as car Beat loop function, speed variation, CD-Resume-function and high resistance to vibrations

Compatible media Music CDs, CD-R/RW, USB storage devices

Compatible files MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF

USB compatible file systems FAT16, FAT32, HFS+

Frequency performance 4 Hz – 20 kHz

S/N Ratio: 115 dB or higher

Total harmonic distortion 0.003% or less

USB Ports USB A Port x 1, USB B Port x 1

Audio output terminals Audio Out (RCA)

Other terminals Control (3.5 mm dia. mini-plug)

Audio output voltage 2.0 V

Power supply 220-240V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 21 W

Max external dimensions 305 mm (W) x 364.4 mm (D) x 105.5 mm (H)

Weight 3.3 kg


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