Purebred canadian sphynx kittens

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Most people think that Canadian Sphynxes are just hairless cats. For sure, they belong to hairless breed, but they have a range of special features that distinguish them from other cats: Canadian Sphynxes have impeccable memory, they are easy to be trained, affectionate and intelligent.

Canadian Sphynxes are fabulous creatures with special temperament – will be glad to be simply nearby, and if you pay it attention, present the warm word or a tender touch, the Canadian sphinx will be immensely happy. Canadian sphinx are curious, playful and sociable.

Taking care of these majestic creatures is rather simple. As the sphinx has no hairs, it is necessary to keep the temperature in your house comfortable, protect it from cold and direct sunshine. A sphinx needs to be regularly bathed, approximately once a week, with soft shampoos which will be good for his gentle skin. When taken good care of, sphinxes are capable to live up to 18-19 years at average life duration of 12-15 years.

To let a sphinx in your life is not a spontaneous decision. Become an ally, a friend, a partner, and then you'll receive in exchange a precious gift – love and affecion of this really royal creature.

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