Apartment in paphos - r15514

Επαρχια Πάφος, Αργάκα
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Two-bedroom first floor apartment on a residential development named Revecca Court, which is located in Argaka approximately 1km from the coast. The development consists of three blocks of apartments, sharing a communal swimming pool.  The apartment occupies an area of 68sqm and consists of an open plan kitchen and living room, two bedrooms, one bathroom and a covered veranda. The property was found to be of ordinary quality and was found to be in a good state of maintenance. The property is located in a good, sparsely-populated residential area in close proximity to the sea and various ameinities. The proximal area predominately consists of residential developments. The asset falls within the Residential Planning Zone H2, with building density coefficient of 90%, coverage coefficient 50%, in 2 floors and 8.3 metres height. THE PRICE IS SUBJECT TO VAT All urban features must be checked with the proper authorities. The Seller has the right to review the selling prices without any prior notice.

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