Felix kitten boy for adoption

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Following to previous post about a kitten girl I would like to add photos with some info on her brother who is also now available for adoption.

This is to remind what this story was :

This story about 2 Kittens 🐈🐈who were very close to be riden over by cars🚗 in the middle of highway🛣️ Larnaka-Limassol.

It happened almost 5 weeks before ⌛when I was at the Vet Marinos in Limassol with one of my cats🐱 which was hit by car 🚗badly that day. I just passed there to leave her for operation 💉and to go to work. I was sitting waiting for my turn, when I saw one girl👩‍🦰 asking the reception where she can leave the kittens🐱🐱, any shelter or whatever.

I have lot of cats 🐈and dogs🐕 at home but always help rescuing kittens and sometimes dog when I have place to keep them. At that moment except my 9 own cats and dogs I had 4 others🐈 rescued at home which needed therapy and waiting for adoption.

I just asked the girl about whom she is asking as at the begining did not see any animals around her. She said that while going from Larnaka to Limassol work she saw 2 Kittens🐈🐈 in the middle of highway. Since there were too much traffic 🛣️the cars were going very slowly and the kittens🐱🐱 were under the cars and any moment could be ridden over by them.😱

🤗Fortunately she stopped and took them at her car and brought to the Vet. Theyi7 had to stay at vet till evening but in the evening she had to do something about it. She explained that she had a dog🐕 at home in Larnaca and could not bring them there.

I offered to take the kittens🐱🐱 but was hoping she will participate in their future to help them find new home🏘️. Unfortunately😣 as soon as she brought me 2 sick kittens she just disappeared😞.

I undertook all therapy💊 for the kittens🐱🐱 providing them separate puppy pen to live. They were so small that it was quite enough for them.


The boy 🐱 is now ready too.

He will be a huge male cat 🙀.

I believe that they both were rescued for a reason. It should be somewhere future mum ready to take them at her warm hands 🤲and care for them ❤️ with the same way as I did.

As you understand I have enough my own pets🐈🐕 and these two are not the only ones I have now caring at my home 🏡and constantly taking new ones for fostering.

So please help me🙏 sharing to find him a loving forever home❤️🏡❤️.

He is little slower than his sister, got used to hands, even to my dogs which is also can be considered by someone who has dogs🐕 at home. He will be perfect for home🏡.

If you like this boy or girl you or both kittens please message me or call . I can arrange coming to any city, just homecheck is necessary. I have to be sure for the best conditions for this babies🤗.

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