Threadripper third gen workstation

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Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

-Power Supply:

EVGA Supernova P2 1000w platinum fully modular .


Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme


AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960x 24 core 48 threads.

-Graphics card:


-Memory (RAM):

G.Skill Neo RGB 8x8 GB total of 64GB 3200mhz C16


-2xAorus 1TB PCIE4 M.2 SSDs

-1xSamsung 970 evo 1TB M.2 SSD

-1xKingston A400 500GB M.2 SSD

-Water Cooling Gear:

- EK-Vector RTX 2080 Ti RGB - Nickel + Plexi

- EK-Velocity sTR4 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi

- EK-Quantum Vector RTX Backplate - Black

- EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 D5 PWM D-RGB Plexi

- EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 240 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi

- 2x EK-CoolStream SE 360 Radiators

- 7x EK-Torque Angled 90° - Nickel

- 14x EK-Torque HTC-16 - Black Nickel

- 2x EK-AF Extender 30mm M-F G1/4 - Nickel

- Phanteks D140 Distro Plate D-RGB

Extras /Misc:

- 2x Thermaltake TT premium Trio RGB triple pack (6 Fans total)

- Thermaltake TT Premium Sync Controller

- Full Custom CABLEMOD cable set with Aluminum Cable Combs

- Cablemod PCIE Riser Cable with Bracket

The pc is in perfect like new condition and is only being sold due to moving.

Everything Comes with original box and all stock coolers are also new in their boxes boxes.

Please only contact if you are serious . The price is NOT negotiable and is final

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