Plot in germasogeia area

Επαρχια Λεμεσός, Γερμασόγεια
Καταχωρήθηκε: 30.10.2020 14:36 Kωδ. αγγελίας: 3329416
Plot in germasogeia area-1

Germasogeia area is one of the areas which have the easiest access to the city center to the sea and also to the highway towards all the cities. This plot is 1079 sq.m on the hill of Paniotis mountain in Germasogeia area with a panoramic view of the sea and town. It has a building density 60% and coverage density 35% and floor allowance of 3 .It is an excellent investment opportunity to buy and build one big house with a big garden or two houses or complex with maisonettes with a breathtaking sea view.

Plot in germasogeia area-2
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