Mitsubishi Outlander 2,2L 2015

Επαρχία Λεμεσού, Άγιος Τύχων Τουριστική Περιοχή
Καταχωρήθηκε: 21.03.2021 10:53 Kωδ. αγγελίας: 3337670
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For sale Mitsubishi Outlander SUV 4x4 diesel automatic 7 seats April 2015 in excellent/mint condition. This is a Cyprus car and purchased as brand new and has genuine only 27.100 km and full service history from official Mitsubishi main dealer in Cyprus. Still has warranty - April 2022. The car comes fully loaded with many extras: such as: cruise control | limit control | front and rear parking sensors | rear view camera | touch screen | automatic light & dual climate control | Bluetooth, USB and voice command/control. This car is kept in covered parking. Any inspections welcome and the price is negotiable.

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