Mandria zephyros town house

Επαρχια Πάφος, Μανδριά Πάφου
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Construction Year: 2009

Communal Charge: €960

Your destination will bring you to Zephyros Gardens on the outskirts of Mandria, a quiet seaside village some 5 km west of Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort. You will find your mid-townhouse charming, stylish and uncompromisingly sophisticated. It would be at home in Mayfair!

Relax, unwind, soak up the atmosphere, finally finish your favorite novel and enjoy the good life that only Cyprus can offer. Sample traditional cuisine in the village tavernas or make way to Aphrodite Hills Resort where a number of gourmet restaurants await your pleasure.

On entry, on the right, you will find a contemporary galley kitchen, fully equipped. On the left of entry, we have a guest WC. Just past the stairway leading to the first floor, an appealing bright living room dominated by large sliding patio doors at the far end, showing off the huge terrace.

Two great bedrooms are on the 1st floor share a full bathroom. Floor to ceiling wardrobes have been extended to span the entire wall. Both bedrooms have a very attractive private balconies. If you love the sea then the bedroom overlooking the lounge terrace will be your favourite!

You deserve something special and this very inviting home comes fully furnished and equipped to uncompromisingly sophisticated standard. A country haven just for you!

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