BMW M3 3,2L 2002

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BMW M3 3,2L 2002-1 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-2 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-3 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-4 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-5 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-6 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-7 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-8 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-9 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-10 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-11 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-12 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-13 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-14 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-15 BMW M3 3,2L 2002-16

Timeless Automobile are delighted to offer this high-performance modern classic, the BMW M3 Convertible E46. The E46 M3 is one of the most iconic BMW’s ever built and even to this day is still regarded by many as the greatest M3 ever produced.

Few cars before or since have quite captured the magic of the E46 M3 and no car manages to combine fun and everyday usability in quite the same way.

It is powered by the 3.2 Litre S54 straight-six engine, driving the rear wheels through the iconic SMG transmission. It has been repainted to an exceptional pearl white colour and features a red Nappa leather interior. The odometer indicates just 130,000 miles from new.

The car comes with a ton of upgrades and maintenance bills executed by the ///M and high-performance vehicles specialists MAN Automotive Engineering LTD. Most importantly, the car has a repaired subframe, which is the the most common issue of E46 M3s.

The last month the following works and upgrades have been made to the car:

-K&N Induction kit

-2 Racing Catalysts

-New Twister exhaust

-New Alloy wheels

-New Racing stoppers (back)

-New Clutch

-New Compression Springs

-Rear Carbon Diffuser


-Subframe repaired (reinforcement plates, powdered coated rear sub-frame, re-painting and sealing)

-New Engine Bearings

-New Front and Rear (racing) Brake Discs

-New Front and Rear Brake Pads

-New Tires

-New Rear Power Flex Bushes and Gearbox Bushes

-New engine mounts

-Gearbox Pump and actuator working perfect (checked)

-New Gearbox Oil

-Wheel Alignment

-Pistons are cleaned

-Serviced recently

The car needs for nothing other than a new owner to cherish and enjoy it.

Timeless Automobile Timeless Automobile
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