Beefeater bbq grill - 4 burners plus side burner

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Large BBQ grill with 4 burners and one side burner that is ideal for frying.

The grill area has 2 types of grilling plaques (cast iron), as shown in the pictures: 1 grilled (allows grease to drop) and 1 full flat (for burgers etc.)

Has a top area above the plaques where you can keep the ready cooked food (e.g. vegetables) or if you want to heat food or cook it slowly.

Has a temperature meter on its cover so you can easily see the inside temperature and adjust if necessary.

Has a window on the hood so you can check the food without opening and losing heat.

Easy to clean - grease gathers in container and plaques easily clean afterwards.

Easily moveable - the grill has wheels and it is light enough for moving.

Has a side bench where you can put your bowls and other utensils.

Has 2 hangers to hang cloths, or BBQ utensils.

Operates with gas.

No need for matches to light. The BBQ lights when you just turn and keep the button pressed for 2 seconds.

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