4-bedroom semi-detached fоr sаle

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Επαρχία Λευκωσίας, Αλάμπρα
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  • Εμβαδόν: 275 m²
  • Τύπος: Ημι-ανεξάρτητο
  • Χώρος Στάθμευσης: Καλυμμένο
  • Κατάσταση: Καινούριο
  • Επιπλωμένο: Ημι-επιπλωμένο
  • Περιλαμβάνει: Κήπος, Πάρκινγκ, Βεράντα
  • Ταχυδρομικός Τομέας: 2563
  • Διαδυκτιακή ξενάγηση: Ναι
  • Κλιματιστικα: Σε όλα τα δωμάτια
  • Ενεργειακή Απόδοση: Α
  • Κυβερνητικό σχέδιο οικ. Ενίσχυσης: Οχι
  • Υπνοδωμάτια: 4
  • Τμήμα εγγραφής: 1001
  • Μπάνια: 3


Alambra is a district of Nicosia and is located about 13 km south of the historic city center of the capital of Cyprus at the junction of the Nicosia-Larnaca and Nicosia-Limasol highways. It is a 17-minute drive to Nicosia and 25 minutes to Mackenzie Beach, a popular sandy public beach with many restaurants in Larnaca.

Nicosia and its surrounding region combine the hub of Cyprus' commercial and business center with an interesting past and rural areas that allow an "escape" from the city in a naturally beautiful and green environment.

The capital itself is almost steeped in history and culture. The charming old town surrounded by massive Venetian walls and the greatest concentration of museums, art galleries, religious and historical monuments in all of Cyprus bear witness to the history of the Mediterranean island over the centuries. In the southern part of the old town of Nicosia there is a lively cultural life with many restaurants and pubs, especially in the area around the Famagusta gate. Traditional shops and craft shops are scattered all over the old town. The larger and more modern shops are located on Ledra Street, which starts at Platía Eleftherías (Freedom Square) and runs to the Green Line. The Laikí Jitoniá is a district primarily used for tourism.

Leaving bustling Nicosia behind you, the region soon turns into a rural area that, with its orchards, olive groves, forests and slopes, is the complete opposite of the capital.

South of Nicosia, visitors can explore the ruins of the two ancient city-kingdoms Tamassos and Idalion, both of which are part of the Nicosia region.

In the rural areas of the district there are also plenty of picturesque mountain villages, which, with their cobbled streets and well-preserved houses made of stone and adobe, provide an insight into village life in Cyprus. Particularly worth seeing is the village of Fikardou, which was declared a national monument in 1978 and was awarded the "Europa Nostra" award in 1987 for its carefully restored houses from the 18th century with their remarkable beams and folk architecture. Other interesting villages are Alona, ​​Prodromos, Pedoulas, Kakopetria and Palaichori.

The 2000 inhabitant place Alampra lies in a flat valley basin. The semi-detached houses offered here are located on the edge of the village in a quiet area in a residential street at the top of the chain of hills surrounding the valley. So you have a view of the entire place from there.


Left house: The house is a massive construction and has a 10 cm facade thermal insulation, which is far above the standard of modern houses in Cyprus. It is equipped with air conditioning, heating, master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet and 1 further bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet, living room, dining room, kitchen, guest toilet, terrace and roof terrace as well as a 3 room granny flat in the basement. The windows are very modern, high quality sliding doors or tilt and turn windows. A massive carport is next to the house, a small garden behind it and the option of using a non-buildable approx. 1000 sqm plot on the left (cheap or possibly free of charge).

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