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    2br homey maisonette
    2br homey maisonette
    2storey, 2BR, 2Toilets, with secured parking, fully gated for highly privacy residence, with a sunset and sunrise view on your cozy backyard garden, nearby hotels, spa, resorts, shops restaurants and everything is within your reach, feels like you are in a village but you are in the city.
    04.01.2019 14:02, Επαρχια Λεμεσός, Αμίαντος Πάνω
    Σπίτια και διαμερίσματα προς ενοικίαση » Ιδιοκτήτης
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    House at amiantos
    House at amiantos
    Plot Area: 1750m2Covered Area: 150m2Bedrooms: 4, En suite Central Heating: YesΕlectric Doors: YesCentral Alarm: YesElectrical devices: YesFire Place: YesPlease Mention: GK
    27.12.2018 19:17, Επαρχια Λεμεσός, Αμίαντος Πάνω
    Σπίτια και διαμερίσματα προς πώληση » Μεσίτης
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    House in filagra village
    House in filagra village
    For sale 3 bedroom cottage house in Filagra near to Amiantos village. Additional information:Build: 1990Covered area: 82 sqm + 42 sqm verandasPlot area: 2035 sqmBig storage roomTraditional ovenFire placeMany of fruit trees with automatic watering system.For more information call: Akis Parpas
    27.12.2018 19:13, Επαρχια Λεμεσός, Αμίαντος Πάνω
    Σπίτια και διαμερίσματα προς πώληση » Μεσίτης
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