English lessons - math lessons for primary and junior school children

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English lessons - math lessons for primary and junior school children

I am an Experienced Teacher who as a Freelance Private Tutor does Magic to his students' Competence,& Performance by Eclectic Methods of Teaching,& a hard work! I also Cooperate to help with your child's school home works as a side work,or in dedicated special sessions! I am capable of Russian, Greek,& Spanish Languages, as much as to be able to communicate with the students,& use the dictionary of these languages for further necessary definition of the words, terms,& needed explanations! For sure money is a need to live on,but when I start my lessons,I never work for money,but work hard,& scientific,because being a good teacher,is a big part of my love to leave my footprints in the Educational Destiny of my students who partially are the materials of establishing a better life for themselves in specific,& the whole human being in general,in future!

I always prefer & suggest "2 hours Sessions including a short break in the middle" to my students parents,as I believe by experience that it works with Maximum Efficiency,& learned materials may not get removed,be forgotten,or become passive easily, as the time is enough for the practice,to push them from students "Short Term,or Working Memory",to their "Long term Memory",where they will be filed & attached strongly to their previous knowledge by category!

Anyway,& short; I love Teaching, & Children both, & as much as, that by improving them both,not only I get improved myself ,but also,find the chance to develop my educational,& wholestic character better by the time,& in the ongoing occurrences of coming "one good" after another by Hard Work,& Appropriate Techniques constantly,& day after day!

Teaching Your Children "English Language",& "Mathematics" & Preparing them for Life,& Good Results at School Exams,is the Greatest Pleasure of my Life!

Thank you,and truly yours;

Mr. Sohrab Gholipour

Mr. Sohrab Gholipour

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