Purelink displayport 1.4 8k cable - pureinstall 2m

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Purelink displayport 1.4 8k cable - pureinstall 2m-1
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The reliable connection between two DisplayPort devices with up to 8K resolution!The DisplayPort cable PI5010 enables the connection of two DisplayPort devices with a resolution of up to 8K@60Hz / 4K@120Hz and thus complies with all requirements of the DisplayPort 1.4 standard. Featuring a bandwidth of max. 25.92Gbps via HDBR3 and incl. DSC1.2, visually lossless 8K signals incl. HDR and up to 10bit colours can be transmitted. This cable is the right choice for a perfect transmission of high resolution signals using the DP 1.4 standard. Both ends feature a pefectly fitting and gold-plated PureInstall-connector for a long-term connection ithout the risk of any interference.


◙ DisplayPort connection for resolutions up to 8K UHD / 4320p / UHD-2 (max. 7680 x 3420px) with 60Hz - Full support of 4K / UltraHD / 2160p with up to 240Hz

◙ Full DisplayPort 1.4 specification support - Max. 25,92 Gbps via HDBR3 - Incl. DSC 1.2, HDR10, BT.2020 color space and 32 audio channels

◙ Visually lossless "Display Stream Compression v1.2" with a max. compression rate of 1:3 - For 8K UHD (7.680 × 4.320 Pixel) incl. 10bit / 12bit HDR with 60Hz and/or 4K UHD (3.840 × 2.160 Pixel) with 12bit HDR at up to 240Hz

◙ Full audio support of all modern digital / surround audio formats

◙ High-purity OFC copper conductors, 24ct. gold-plated contacts and 3-fold shielding - 100% tested for professional AV applications - Colour: black, Length: 2.00m

Purelink displayport 1.4 8k cable - pureinstall 2m-2

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