Plate hanger

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Plate Hanger, Wall Display Plate Dish Hangers Holder Invisible Spring Hanging Hook

Plate Hanger Features:

This kind of hanger is very useful and practical in our daily life.

Sturdy and durable, it can hang different kinds of items, and not easily fall off.

The hanger is easy to assemble to use. If you are looking for a hanger to hold your plates on the walls, this gadget will be your best choice.

Almost invisible from the front. Fit for holding round or square plate.

Suitable for decorating porch, wall and holding plates.


Color: As picture show

Material: Wire + stainless steel

Select the hanger size you want as per the following:

8 inches: For 20-23cm / 7.87-9.05″ diameter plates

10 inches: For 24-27cm / 9.44-10.5″ diameter plates

12 inches: For 27-32cm / 10.5-12.5″ diameter plates

14 inches: For 32-37cm / 12.5-14.5″ diameter plates

16 inches: For 37-42cm / 14.5-16.5″ diameter plates.


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