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  • Lastixa kenouria
    Lastixa kenouria
    kenouria pisina
    28.07.2021 10:42, Επαρχία Λάρνακας, Λάρνακα - Μακένζυ
    Μοτοσικλέτες » Go-karts
  • 6

    Go kart tony
    Go kart tony
    Tony kart Se poli kali katastasi full episkevasmeno 100cc 2stroke
    19.07.2021 09:43, Επαρχία Λεμεσού, Πισσούρι
    Μοτοσικλέτες » Go-karts
  • 5

    Go kart 2speed
    Go kart 2speed
    Se telia katastasi endelos kenourgio den etrekse pote se agona.
    18.07.2021 06:51, Επαρχία Λεμεσού, Πισσούρι
    Μοτοσικλέτες » Go-karts
  • 8

    Go karts
    Go karts
    Poli Kali katastasi
    13.07.2021 07:57, Επαρχία Λεμεσού, Λεμεσός - Μέσα Γειτονιά
    Μοτοσικλέτες » Go-karts
  • Crazy cart xl
    Crazy cart xl
    Brand New We Are Official Member Of Razor Usa You grew up. You got a job. And what, suddenly fun doesn’t come in your size anymore? We hear you. Which is why we made our award-winning fun machine, the Crazy Cart XL: a full−size, high− powered drift cart for the kid in all of us! With a high-torque motor that allows for speeds up to 23 km/h and 40 minutes of continuous fun, this, my friend, is the answer to your mid-millennial crisis. Our patented drift system allows the driver to completely control their drifts, spins, and cornering. Includes a larger, more powerful 36V rechargeable battery system, charger, and flag. Drift. Ride. Get yourself a Crazy Cart XL. SPECS • Run time: up to 40 minutes of continuous use • Motor: Variable speed, extra high−torque, chain−driven motor • Frame: powder coated steel • Patented steering, allows unique drifting, turning and stopping • Drift Bar allows drivers to completely control their drifts, spins, and cornering • Acceleration: variable speed foot pedal acceleration (no brake) • 360 degree plus steering capability for tight turns • Front wheels: high impact pneumatic front tire and caster wheels • Rear wheels: dual inclined rear caster wheels • Seat: raised bucket−style seat • Battery: 36V (3x12V) sealed Lead−Acid, rechargeable RIDER TYPE: • Age 16+ • Maximum Rider Weight: 109 kg
    08.07.2021 04:16, Επαρχία Λεμεσού, Λεμεσός - Αγία Φύλα
    Μοτοσικλέτες » Go-karts

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