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    Οικόπεδο οικιστικό ζώνη η1 φιλούσα κελοκεδάρων πάφου residential plot
    Οικόπεδο οικιστικό ζώνη η1 φιλούσα κελοκεδάρων πάφου residential plot
    Price € 14,500 + VAT. The price is final and non negotiable. The offer will remain for limited period. This is an investment for your future and your children's future. One of the or the cheapest residential plots, with good characteristics in Cyprus Advantages: •Clear fully owned title, no bank memos, no restrictions, 540 sqm •Attached public asphalt road (Accessible all seasons and all types of weather.) • Electricity pole and fresh water supply lines. •Flat land • Unobstructed beautiful views, fresh air, no noise ! • Zone is H1 ( one of the highest residential zones for building in Cyprus) •Border limits defined. • Freehold land. The yearly council tax is approx €20 only. Village Location: •Filousa village is approx 45 mins drive East of Paphos, inland towards Troodos mountain. The plot is 540 m2. It is located within the original residential area at the east of the village. •Ideal for:Future Investment, retirement house, holiday house •Building Zone: H1, 100%, Build 120 %, Cover 70 %, Floors 3, Height 11.4 metres Terms and conditions: 1. You must have an allowance to buy land in Cyprus or be an EU member. 2. 50% Deposit on agreement and the rest 50% on the day of title transfer. The deposit will pay the vat and capital gains tax in order to get the tax clearance certificate needed for the title transfer.
    12.01.2019 19:11, Επαρχια Πάφος, Φιλούσα Κελοκεδάρων
    Γη, oικόπεδα » Ιδιοκτήτης
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